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Groundscapes explores the comeback of the idea of the ground onto the scene of contemporary architecture. With the decline of heroic modernism in the late 1960s a new generation of architects eager to discover this forbidden land initiated a reterritorialisation of architecture which continues today. As a consequence, we can understand built space and ground space no longer as opposites but as equal elements of the architectural body. Ilka Ruby is an architect and Andreas Ruby is an architectural critic and theorist. Since founding their office textbild in 2001 they have been committed to a cultural engineering of the discourse on contemporary architecture, writing texts, designing books, curating exhibitions, consulting architects and organising architectural symposia for a wide array of cultural and corporate clients. Their publications include Images. A Picture Book of Architecture (Prestel, 2004), The Challenge of Suburbia (Wiley-Academy, 2004) and Hans Scharoun: Haus Moeller (Walther Koenig, 2004). They have been teaching architecture at a variety of universities in Europe. Currently they are visiting critics at Cornell University. For more information see

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