Relaciones Formales Entre La Escultura Primitiva Y El Arte Popular En Ávila

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libro Relaciones Formales Entre La Escultura Primitiva Y El Arte Popular En Ávila

The universal and timeless nature of the shape and its duration over time together with the popular design, offers a new approach to the identity and sense of the human being, all of which has been put forward in this thesis from the particular point of view of the city of Avila. The language of the shape, the sculpture, shows itself as an innate and necessary creative process for our nature, Sculpture can stay throughout time as witness and connection among people beyond time and space. This is the bottom line of this thesis that starts from a specific place: Avila, offering some conclusions with universal effects, as it proposes a journey to the feeling, emotion, and reason from the thoughtful meditation that arises with the necessity for the universal creative process. I have chosen two marginal moments with regard to the traditional artistic conception officially accepted, since this may enable us to come closer to the essence of concepts such as identity, survival and creation. We are talking about the original primitivism that starts in the ancient times with the first plastic movements of the human being until the integration of the culture developed in these territories into a wider and more guided context of the roman culture. As an artistic discipline, sculpture allows a different view from the scientific one. Sculpture enables to study elements of remarkable artistic value by its beauty, concretion, poetry, expressiveness of the shape, the purpose and materialization of fate. Aspects that change visibly insipid objects, beyond its historical and testimonial value, into sources of contemplation, knowledge and artistic enjoyment that exceed even the initial functional validity in those cases in which they existed. We are talking about the vitality that we perceive out of its mere presence as artistic elements. We are conditioned by our own cultural attitude when we look at an object. We are heirs of the classicism, but also of an identity less recognized…

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