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libro La Lengua Espanola

The Spanish language has a long and rich history, from its prehistoric roots to its position today as the mother tongue of nearly 400 million inhabitants of 21 countries. How the language originated, how it evolved, and how it is spoken today around the world makes for a fascinating story that greatly enhances the study of written and spoken Spanish. This Spanish-language text covers the history of Spanish from its pre-Roman and Latin roots to its standardized form and its many regional variations. Along the way, discussion covers the spread of Latin on the Iberian Peninsula, the development of romance dialects due to a number of sociolinguistic influences, and the process of creating a standard variety of Spanish. It concludes with a discussion of the origin and the range of dialects that are spoken across the vast geographical area that forms the Spanish-speaking world. Details of pronunciation, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary are explained in their historical context, giving the student of Spanish a deeper understanding of the language as a whole. Perfect for students of Spanish as well as Spanish-speaking readers seeking to expand their general knowledge of the language, this book also includes a glossary of basic linguistic terms discussed in the text. La lengua espanola tiene una rica y larga historia, desde sus raices prehistoricas hasta su estado actual como la lengua materna de casi 400 millones de habitantes en 21 paises. El como se origino, como evoluciono, y como se habla hoy en dia alrededor del mundo contribuye a una historia fascinante que complementa el estudio del espanol escrito y hablado. El presente texto, en lengua espanola, trata la historia del espanol desde sus raices prerromanas y latinas hasta su forma estandarizada y sus multiples variantes regionales. A lo largo de la narrativa se cubre la expansion del latin en la Peninsula Iberica, el desarrollo de los dialectos romances debido a una serie de influencias de tipo sociolinguistico, y…

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