La Ruptura Que Viene

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libro La Ruptura Que Viene

In The Oncoming Rupture, Porfirio Muoz Ledo settles accounts, points out the ominous signs in the current Mexican landscape, and offers us his non-complacent view on the nations recent history and future. After Vicente Foxs electoral triumph in 2000, a large amount of Mexicans who believed in the promise of change got an aborted transition in return. The evident result is, according to the author, the embodiment of a catastrophe. Muoz Ledo states that this apparently irreversible process will lead to a profound national rupture as the country remains ignored by the large political, economic, and social national interests. In these pages, the reader will learn in detail about one of the fundamental struggles to attain effective democratization in Mexico. For decades, Muoz Ledo has championed state reform and the foundation of a new Republic, but he had never presented his views so clearly and consistently as in here. The present book makes it clear that this is the only way Mexico can find the right path after the disastrous consequences of last two administrations and the damages incurred by the present one. Perhaps no other Mexican politician has ever been so committed to his ideals or remained politically congruent across so many sources. The clearest proof lies in this book, where Muoz Ledos voice, as necessary as it is indispensable, provides us with the keys needed to understand the past, the present, and what could happen in the future.

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