Poema Del Cante Jondo Romancero Gitano (conferencias Y Poemas)

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libro Poema Del Cante Jondo   Romancero Gitano (conferencias Y Poemas)

Federico Garcia Lorca is the most popular and influential poet of the XXth Century Spanish literatures, and of his works, the poems gathered in -Poema del cante jondo- and -Romancero gitano- volumes are indeed the most popular. But Garcia Lorca was not only a poet but also displayed an attractive personality that made him a magnetic lecturer. Proof of this is the success that surrounded the many lectures and public readings he gave in his regrettably short life. Of these lectures-readings we picked two: -Historical and artistic importance of the andalusian primitive song, known as cante jondo-, originally read at the Centro Artistico de Granada in 1922, and those on his -Romancero gitano-, read in Granada, Madrid and during his South American tour. In these texts Garcia Lorca clearly exposes his own aesthetic principles, thus becoming the best introduction to his most famous poems.

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