The Writer In The Landscape

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libro The Writer In The Landscape

The figure of the intellectual emerged in Spain in the second half of the nineteenth century, and Azorn (Jos Martnez Ruiz) and Miguel de Unamuno explored the critical and creative possibilities of this new role in their writings. This comparative study of these authors prose writings on landscape focuses on the literary personae of the artist-intellectual that both Azorn and Unamuno cultivated and on their innovative use of the article form. A liminal space between the referential and poetic world, landscape in their writings becomes a particularly apt medium in which to project and cultivate this new persona. Unamuno and Azorn experimented with representation of the artist-intellectual in early novelistic characters. Strzeszewski analyzes these early incarnations, focusing on their relationship to the landscape and rural society. Unamuno and Azorn also created pre-histories for their intellectual personae in memoirs in which they elaborated on the role that landscape played in their artistic formation. Strzeszewskis analysis of these early self-stagings in novel and memoir also shows how both authors often cast their literary personae as orphans, exploiting both the sentimental and ideological potential of this character. The principal body of the study is dedicated to each authors extension of the narrative of literary self-creation beyond the boundaries of the novel in the flexible, literary form of the article. Strzeszewskis reading of these sui generis writings should contribute to a greater appreciation of their innovative character.

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