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libro Educación Familiar

The physical and affective closeness of certain persons who have given us our biological being, condition and determine our way of being human, as only with the help of others can se learn how to become persons. The family, given the importance of the first experiences, becomes the first school of humanity and humanization. The book wishes to give an answer to a great need, felt by educators, teachers, professors, parents, mothers and children, as is the formation or present education in the family environment. The social changes are so rapid and the family models so diverse that it becomes urgent and necessary to offer contributions and orientations in this regard, in this moment of crisis. The family counsellors and other professionals will find appropriate orientations here to two big challenges of todays family: to teach how to live and to share life in a more and more plural society. Different specialists and different Spanish universities, from their knowledge and experience, have given a response to these themes and help the reader to understand and focus the different family models that exist currently in our society.

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