Salud Natural Después Del Parto

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libro Salud Natural Después Del Parto

Essential advice for adjusting to challenges facing women during the first year after giving birth • Includes herbal tips, recipes, and gentle yoga exercises • Addresses a new mother’s need to replenish her body, mind, and spirit so that she can nurture her child Midwife, herbalist, and mother of four, Aviva Jill Romm shares her insights into how to make the transition to motherhood a smooth and happy one. She provides essential advice for preparing for the postpartum period before the baby arrives, coping during the first few days after the birth, establishing a successful breast-feeding relationship, getting enough rest, eating well even with a hectic schedule, and finding time to regain strength and tone with gentle yoga exercises. The book provides support both for women who plan to be home full or part time during the first year and for those who must return to their jobs soon after the birth.

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