Historiadores Primitivos De Las Indias Occidentales

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libro Historiadores Primitivos De Las Indias Occidentales

After having published various works relating to the history of Spanish America, Barcia began to edit the works contained in this collection which were printed as early as 1731 according to his statement in the 2nd edition of Pinelos Epitome. They were, however, not published until 1749 (six years after Barcias death …) when general titles to the 3 vols. were printed, with a table of contents, of which there are two different impressions, one the most modern is printed by Ibarra. A large number of the separate parts, and possibly also the 21 copies on large paper, mentioned in the account of the remaining stock of this work in 1778, were sold as waste paper early in the 19th century.–Cf. Rich, Bibl. amer. nova, 1846, v. 1, p. 96.

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